Joey Gracey

Hacker & Software Developer
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Front End

Up-to-date expertise building world class webapps in React, Redux, Immutable.js and D3 with strong design principles. I have a strong understanding of data-binding, state and component lifecycles using immutability and reference comparison to optimize DOM updates using the latest React vDOM APIs.

Back End

Well versed building performant asynchronous APIs using modern Nodejs and Python. Many previous experiences using other languages and paradigms.

Dev Ops

Extensive experience implementing scalable deployment, environment configuration and hosting using Docker, Docker-Compose and AWS. Unafraid to get dirty debugging down to system level calls to optimize resources and >10 years using Linux environments.

Git Version Control

Thorough understanding of git including experience implementing git workflow policies with CI/CD, automated status checks and competent peer review.

Raspberry Pi

A Modern Full Stack Developer

Competent and ready to lead at any level of technology.


  • Software Engineer @ Yewno
    Feb. 2016 - Present
    Built innovative web-based data visualizations and scalable APIs that empower users to explore > 120M scholarly documents (Yewno's products are really cool, check us out for more details.)
  • Mentor @ Lighthouse Labs
    Oct. 2015 - Current
    Teach highly motivated students the best practices in Web Development, including Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, React, Object Orientated Programming, Software Architecture & Test Driven Development.
  • Lead Developer @ Leavetown
    Nov. 2014 - Oct. 2015
    Responsible for the entire stack behind a company doing >$2M/year in revenue.
  • Founder @ Loodo Analytics
    Jan. 2014 - Sept. 2014
    IoT startup founded raising $25k in 48 hours. BC New Ventures 2014 Semi Finalist. Techstars Seattle Finalist.
  • Software Engineer @ IC Shore
    Jan. 2014 - Nov. 2014
    Developed software to manage insitutional investment portfolios, identify risk and ensure satisfactory growth with over $1.6B in invested funds.


University of British Columbia
B.Sc. Computer Science
Minor Economics
Dec. 2013

Interested in working together?

Looking for fullstack opportunites with great team-members who aren't afraid to think differently
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