Joey Gracey

Looking for exciting opportunites to revolutionize human understanding with data.

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Server-side Javascript
Nodejs, ES6, Babel
Client-side Javascript
React, Redux, Redux Sagas, Immutable.js, Webpack
Tornado, Django
Composition > Inheritance, Higher Order Components, Component Hierarchy, Re-useable Components
Data Immutability (immutable.js), Sagas, Thunks, Timetravel, State Persistance & Hydration (Local, Server-side)
Web Development
HTML, Material Design, CSS, SASS, LESS, Webpack
Dev Ops
Docker, Docker-compose, AWS, Microservice management using AWS, Kong or handrolled environments, Azure, Index Optimization (noSQL && SQL), Load Balancing, Replication, Availability and Failover, HAProxy
Data Storage
Dynamo, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Redis, neo4j, MySQL, Mongo, MS-SQL
Dvorak keyboard, vim, zsh, git



Senior Software Engineer Feb 2016 - Present

As engineer #2, I designed and built critical infrastructure that thrived in our rapidly iterative environment and provided a strong base to further develop our product ecosystem.

  • Designed and built key infrastructure, including data APIs, data viz UI (React/Redux/D3), JWT SSO user auth and scalable access control frameworks.
  • Designed developer workflow for tracking, integrating and shipping code to staging, integration and production environments.
  • Authored company-wide git best practice manual and mentored engineering, data science and product teams on how to best utilize git.

Lighthouse Labs

Student Mentor Oct 2015 - Jan 2016

Teach highly motivated students the best practices in Web Development, including Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, React, Object Orientated Programming, Software Architecture & Test Driven Development.

Leavetown Vacations

Lead Developer Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

Responsible for the entire stack behind a company doing >$2M/year in revenue.

  • Migrated many of the company's services over to a MEAN stack from VB.NET Webforms
  • Re-architected business-facing & guest-facing sites to use micro-service architecture

Loodo Analytics

Co-founder Nov 2013 - Sep 2014

IoT startup I co-founded. Used Raspberry Pis to harvest WiFi MAC addresses to provide insights into customer retention, marketing feedback & growth. iOS 8 ended the fun by breaking spec & scrambling the MAC address on probe requests.

  • Offered a $25k termsheet in 48 hours.
  • Only New Ventures BC semi-finalist in 2014 controlled by recent university graduates.
  • Mentors include VP-BizDev @ SAP and Chairman @ Recon Instruments.
  • Iterated through many analytics stacks, including MySQL, neo4j, MongoDB (including Minimongo!) & Redis

IC Shore

Software Engineer Jan 2014 - Nov 2014

Responsible for maintaining and improving our financial market analysis toolkit

  • Spearheaded the effort to move our application off the desktop and into the cloud.
  • Wrote library to track errors in our data feed and flag them for further interogation


University of British Columbia

Aug 2009 - Dec 2013
B.Sc - Major: Computer Science, Minor: Economics


Native speaker


Joey brings both a profound depth and breadth of skill to every project on which he works. Having him share his knowledge and experience at Lighthouse has been a tremendous benefit to both staff and students.
— Don Burkes- Head Instructor @ Lighthouse Labs